Dear Friends,

Your membership support helps one of the most dedicated community minded multi disciplinary cultural arts centers located in the Inland Valley, the dA Center for the Arts. For over 28 years, the dA Center for the Arts has been a significant contributor to the physical, social, and creative evolution of the City of Pomona and its residents in addition to the surrounding communities. In goods times and in challenging times, the dA Center for the Arts has never failed to provide an avenue for self-expression for the novice to the master to share their creative language in an array of visual arts, as well as music, dance, literature, cinema and graphic arts.

Art is an underestimated powerful tool that unifies people who might not speak a single word of the same language but are drawn to understanding when cross exchanges of cultures are revealed in musical notes or from images on a blank canvas or in a written emotion. The dA center for the Arts since it’s inception has provided all ages and walks of life with an invitation to experience the soul of art and in return self – esteems are elevated. Subjects like geography, history, mathematics, science, social studies and literature all have new meaning and inspire better learning when connected through the tool of art.

Pomona is the 5th largest village within Los Angeles County with the 3rd largest school district serving 30,000 students. With a team of loyal and dedicated volunteers and a skeleton staff, the dA Center for the Arts dedicates over 10,000 hours of efforts to produce a variety of innovative exhibitions, community Art Link Programs, studio art classes, concert, poetry, and cinema series, as well as an artisan store. The dA has created a solid framework to address the areas of community needs but additional funding is required to attain the goals at hand.

Pomona is a testimony to the undeniable affirmative advantages of having viable artistic venues within a community but only the surface has been scratched and the dA is ready to see this area reach the next level.

Become a dA Member today and receive discounts on dA events and entry fees while supporting the arts. The dA Center for the Arts enhances the quality of life for the greater community by providing opportunities to experience, appreciate and support the arts.